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Blackbird 🎶

This is an arrangement I did with looper playing the comp and me playing melody with it Live. I reharmonized the piece from the original and added a 3rd section that creates a drone feel with the bass pedal tone. Thanks for listening

Cause We’ve ended as Lovers- Excerpt

This is an excerpt of my arrangement of the JB classic which I debuted at NAMM 2018 at the Kremona Guitar booth. Here, I am playing along live with my own loop accompaniment. This was performed just prior to boarding on the KKJZ Jazz Cruise I do in Marina Del Rey. I am playing the Kremona Rondo TL classical Guitar into a Fishman Spectrum preamp.

White Christmas Solo Guitar (arr. Mat Gurman)

Here is an off the cuff recording for Christmas morning nostalgia☃️. I am playing the Kremona Fiesta Thinline (TL).

Cause we’ve ended as lovers🎶

You know how the first time you play a song you really like but haven’t learned yet, every corner is a surprise and a treat, but kind of dicey when your doing it by ear for the first time....wonderful and fresh little windows can open up in that newness...and there is also the risk of falling on your ass if you take too many chances...know what I mean? Well, this time it paid off pretty well. I hope you like it and it moves you the way it moved me when I was playing it 🎶

Eleanor Rigby (Nylon Groove)

This is my arrangement of the classic, giving a nod to Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, Horace Silver and Miles Davis (that stuff is in my soul). This was originally shot as part of a product demo I did for Kremona Guitar and KNA Pickups. I liked the live flow so much that I though I would share it with you. It is very revealing about how I hear phrasing and stanky notes. The full version is available at the usual places. Yes, this is fully licensed, I don’t perpetrate :)

KNA NG-1 Classical/Nylon String Guitar removable Pickup

This is a video demo of the KNA NG-1 passive nylon string pickup with detailed installation instructions.

KNA AP-2 Acoustic Instrument Pickup with Volume Control

This is an in-depth demo of the KNA AP-2 passive instrument pickup with onboard volume. I have included detailed installation instructions.

KNA AP-1 Acoustic Instrument Pickup

This is a demo the the KNA AP-1 removable instrument pickup.

Magic Polishing Cloth

I was shooting a musical product demo and getting levels when I deceived to have some fun. It's just for some laughs since life can be so tense these days. Cheers!

Walter Becker, thanks for the soulful music!

This is a short, impromptu tribute I recorded while warming up before my gig. I had just learned on the news of Walter Becker's passing. He is responsible for the funky, sparse aesthetic that graced SD. In many ways, he was a composite of the very best side men who played guitar on SD recordings. His phrasing, to me, was like watching a suspense movie where you are always surprised by what happens next. He knew the art of what not to play and made the "rest" as crucial as the note. He leaves a mountain of amazing playing' composing and producing for all genius seeking musicians- thank you Walter

Nearness of U

KJAZ Champagne brunch, warming up before the show

So What!!???

So Cool! Featuring Kremona Rondo TL63 and D'Addario Pro Arte

So What???

Way of the World (solo excerpt)

Live from KJAZ brunch Cruise featuring Mat Gurman/Guitar

Let it be!

Here is to a world we can all live together in peace☮️

Way of the World (solo excerpt)

This is the solo section from the previous clip of this groovin' classic 70's tune. It features Nylon string guitar and was recorded live on the KJAZ/Hornblower Champagne brunch cruise in Marina Del Rey, CA., on Mothers Day 2017.

That's the Way of the World

Mat Gurman Live KJAZ/Hornblower Champagne Brunch Mothers Day show 2017

Mountain Clip

Made with Perfect Video

Blues on a Sunday Morning

I was warming up Sunday morning before the show and did a quick loop of the classic "All Blues" and then jammed over the loop. I love dropping in some "out" notes here and there :).

"Nylon Con Carne"

"Nylon Con Carne" is my little jam on "Chitlin's Con Carne" (w/some soul sauce on the side)!

Hotel California Jam

A very nice couple requested this song while I was doing my set. I looped the chords on the fly and then jammed over it, lots of fun!

Let It Be

I was warming up before my gig and appreciating this great tune and the soulful Billy Preston. The rhythm part I played into a looper on guitar and then clicked on the organ simulator pedal. I have reposted this from a few hours ago to correct the category :)🎶

Organ solo on Nylon string guitar:)

Just messin' around before my gig playing Organ on guitar! :)

Im Comin' Home #2: Nylon String Guitar with Organ Trio/Solo Excerpt

Here is another short Jazz/Blues solo mixing Nylon string guitar with cool electronic pad's. This is an alternate take solo recorded live on my brunch gig aboard a Yacht in Marina Del Rey, CA. Please listen for details on KJAZZ coming in March 2017 and check for details

Im Comin' Home 1 (Short Version)

This was recorded live on 1/29/17 at my Brunch gig on a yacht in Marina Del Dey, CA. The cool slinky string sound on the solo is produced by my Kremona Rondo TL Clasical guitar trigering an Electro Harmonix (EHX) Mel 9 pedal. My note choices on the solo are driven my my great love of classic Mid Century Jazz from folks like Miles and Horace Silver, Cannonball, and so many others that got so deep into my musical soul when I was very young. Thanks for listening :)

In Other News

Peace on earth! Here is my New Years wish for our world...that tomorrow we wake up and the news is all overwhelmingly positive and euphoric. A world united in benevolence and good intention. This was recorded using only Guitar Synth. The slide show images are all public domain. This song is available on iTunes, CDbaby and Amazon, from my spoken word?music project "Illuminating Contradictions". Peace on earth, good will to all life :)

Mat Gurman plays Mountain - Donovan

This is the groovy tune "Mountain" made famous by Donovan. I am playing everything on this track (perc is a loop) which I re-harmonized and arranged in a Latin groove. It will be on my new Mat Gurman/Cape Cali CD. I hope you like it! Please check my website for project release updates:

Hotline Bling - Mat Gurman (Instrumental Guitar)

I am doing the new classic "Hotline Bling" by Drake, instrumentally on Nylon String Guitar. This features my Kremona Sofia S63 and Daddario Pro Arte Strings. One Love Y'all!

"Spooky" featuring Mat Gurman

This is a live board mix of me jamming with track on the song Spooky. I did this on a solo gig recently and am posting it on Halloween- Spooky! I am using Daddario EXP classical strings on my Kremona Rondo TL63 Thinline classical guitar. Thanks :) (BTW, this is the raw file).

Blowing in the Wind

Just feeling so thankful that Bob Dylan brought this song of peace and tolerance into our troubled world :)

MJ Man in the Mirror

I was practicing this song on my Sunday morning solo gig for a show that evening at the Canyon Club. It is just camera audio but I love the sentiment of this song so much- Michael brought so much light into the world and we need some now :). Thanks to Kremona and Daddario

Somethings Coming!

This is a pre release sample of my re-imagining of the Leonard Bernstein classic with solo electric guitar and an African Naningo groove (not a video). It will be available on CDbaby, itunes and Amazon, mid July 2016. Mat Gurman- Guitars, Bass, programing. Arranged by Mat Gurman, Written by Lenard Bernstein.

Mat Gurman "Whats Going On"

Here I am jamming on a Sunday morning Champaign Brunch Cruise in Marina Del Rey, CA., on my Kremona Rondo TL Thinline Nylon String guitar. This was recorded direct through the mixer using the guitars onboard Fishman UST pickup only (without the internal mic). I am playing to a track of the classic "Whats Going On" which was done by "SoulBacks". Note: I normally record all my own tracks but this one was a great sounding ready made. I am using DAddario Pro Arte moderate tension strings to obtain a comfortable string tension, and Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cables. Cheers!

Mat Gurman demos ZT Lunch Box Acoustic Amp w/Electric Guitar

In this video I am demoing the ZT LB1A Lunch Box Acoustic Amp with my BYO Electric Guitar using a Tech 21 California Blonde pedal and speaker simulator. This also features the BYO Custom Tele. Tracks are coming through the aux input of the amp which is being mic'd up with a Sterling Condenser, straight to board and camera. On the first tune, the track is being generated from the Digitech Trio pedal (playing bass and drums). The second example is a pre recorded track. I am soloing over the mix live with the electric guitar tone being processed with the Tech 21 pedal which has a great speaker simulator, making it possible for me to get a nice expressive sound not normally possible running an electric guitar into an acoustic guitar amp. The reason this is unusual is, an electric guitar with some crunch will generally sound unpleasant through a full range speaker system because electric guitar speakers will generally only go up to about 5k whereas a PA speaker goes up to 20K, so the electric guitar is made to sound thin and fizzy. This is not because of the amp, it's because the speaker is reproducing all the sounds and electric guitar speaker would not over 5K. With the speaker sim I am using, it basically cuts out the unpleasant frequencies and allows the Acoustic amp to function as an electric guitar amp while still allowing the things that need a full range speaker (track, acoustic guitars) sound full and normal. This little amp responds particularly well to this treatment because it does not have an exaggerated high end to begin with and uses a single speaker, not a multi driver system.

ZT LBA1 with Deering Solana 6 Banjo

In this new revised installment of my ZT Lunchbox Acoustic series I fixed a typo and clarified some product information. I am showing how versatile this rig is and how many different instrument it can easily accommodate. The Solana 6 by deering is like a banjo with a classical guitar neck- really nothing like it that I am aware of. My bird does an unscheduled "fly by" and you and hear the wind beneath his wings...really, the mic picks it up. That made for some levity on the shoot but threw me off for a tick ! Thanks for watching :)

ZT LBA1 with Kremona S63CW

In this new revised version I corrected a typo and added some title information. This video features the ZT LBA1 with Kremona Sofia S63CW Classical Guitar. In this series, I am demonstrating how this awesome little amp can be used to simultaneously run several instruments at once, even an electric guitar (using a speaker simulator). This is a tremendous help on gigs like shows where you need to make many quick instrument changes but want to keep a small footprint and have the sound man with a single source to mic or get a DI from. I use this method in orchestral situations and other shows and find it to work brilliantly!

ZT LBA1 Lunchbox Acoustic Amp demo

In this new version I corrected a typo and added some title information. I am demonstrating how this awesome little amp can be used to simultaneously run several instruments at once, even an electric guitar (using a speaker simulator). This is a tremendous help on gigs like shows where you need to make many quick instrument changes but want to keep a small footprint and have the sound man with a single source to mic or get a DI from. I use this method in orchestral situations and other shows and find it to work brilliantly!

American Boy featuring Mat Gurman

This is an excerpt from my new single. The full version is available on: CDbaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

"Forgotten", solo from Guitar on the Edge and D'Addario Rockontest 2 featuring Mat Gurman

This is an excerpt from my solo which was a 3rd place winner in the D'Addario hot solo competition. It was then featured on the "Guitar On The Edge Compilation". Mat wrote the song and plays all guitars. The track was produced by Carlos Rios. Animation cell by Jonathan Lane

"Somewhere" Mat Gurman (solo excerpt)

Solo excerpt from "Somewhere" featuring Mat Gurman. The full version is available on iTunes,, Amazon. I am using a 335, And D'Addario EX120+ strings through a Fender Super Champ and ZT Lunchbox with a Zen Overdrive pedal.

Reasons, guitar solo excerpt by Mat Gurman

Solo excerpt from REASONS, the EWF Classic, featuring Mat Gurman

March 30, 2015

A short teaser sample of my new arrangement of the Beatles classic, available now on iTunes, CDBaby and

Mat Gurman plays "Tenderly" on Kremona Sofia S63CW

Mats solo arrangement of "Tenderly" featuring the 2015 Kremona Sofia S63CW classical guitar

Eminence Texas Heat VS Lil' Texas speaker

This is an in depth demo of the Eminence Texas Heat and Lil' Texas 12" guitar speakers. I compare them using two different guitars, three amps and three different Cabinets. The speakers are given a workout in several different popular playing styles featuring guitarist and video instructor Mat Gurman.

Sabor a Mi Short

Me noodling around with the A section of Sabor a mi while shooting a speaker shootout video. I did a quick loop of the changes to blow over : )

"One Way Out" from NAMM 2013

This was performed on the 1st Thursday 11AM show at the Eminence Speaker booth at NAMM 2013. There was a lot of background noise but it was a busy day! Thank you to all who attended my 3 shows. More to come covering a lot of different styles! Mat

The Real Angry Bird!

Miles the bird does not like visitor to his swingin' Tiki Ranch!


CAPE CALI featuring MAT GURMAN: Cape Cali is a Nylon String Guitar Driven ensemble featuring LA session guitarist Mat Gurman. The music is influenced by West African and Latin styles with percussion and no drum set! We play songs from the great American Soul, Pop and R&B songbook both old and new. Although we do get Jazzy, it is not a Jazz ensemble. Please listen to "Hey Soul Sister" at the end of the clip for an idea of where we are headed. This first post is Jazzier but what the heck! We like it!!!