2 new videos featuring the Kremona Sofia S63CW

I am pleased to mention my first live videos are up on my YouTube channels of the KREMONA SOFIA S63CW classical guitar.  I will be posting more in different styles of playing on this very versatile handmade guitar.  These first 2 are in the Jazz/Chord Melody genre and feature:

Moonglow YouTube Link :  http://youtu.be/O4y25_uSu38
Tenderly Youtube Link :  http://youtu.be/tBOv5BUq3dQ

ZT Amplifiers!!!!

My special thanks goes out to my friends at ZT Amplifiers who have honored me by making me featured artist for the month!!! Yes, it is true, I DO speak Beatnik…always have, in case anybody was wondering.

Also, I would like to mention my new single is about to drop on Itunes and CDbaby.  It is uber funky!  I will give a shout when it is live.  I am mastering now so….should be soon :)



Hello friends and welcome to 2015. I am proud to tell you I have new music from my Cape Cali project available
now for download on CDbaby, Itunes and Amazon. This music is a new direction for me in that I am doing all covers of some of my my favorite tunes and artist. The music arrangements are fresh but give a nod to the nylon string driven Jobim recordings from the 60′s with those lush Claus Oberman string pads- yummy (I am using electric guitar swells on mine but you get the idea). I made these songs harmonically rich and interesting in a fresh way that is just the way i hear things. More music is being mixed and recorded as I
write this and some of my dear percussionist buddies are well represented (MB Gordy, Pete Kopella, Bob Conte, Jeff Stern) and a few other Grammy winning instrumentalist sidemen are featured. This project is digital only as of now but based on the popularity of the downloads I may press a CD as well. The live Cape Cali CD that was offered at my solo shows has sold out BUT may be ordered directly as a “One Off” (please contact me).

Thanks for stopping by and if you download some of my music please go ahead and leave a comment if you like what I’m doing to help me spread the word!

All My Best,




This was my first solo cd featuring comositions by Wendell Yuponce and myself. The song FORGOTTEN was a winner in a big competition sponsered by Daddarrio and Marshall. That song, produced by Carlos Rios brought me some national attention including the GUITAR ON THE EDGE compilation project which features some very iconic players. This CD features Electric and Nylon stringed guitar. I love this CD and really put myself into the playing. It turned out to be a bit to Fusion for Smooth Jazz radio. It is still available in hard copy as well as download.



Just as a labor of love, I did a spoken word project. It has plenty of other-worldly guitar sounds and some seriously groovin’ percussion featuring MB Gordy with bass by Larry Steen. This project, which I call ILLUMINATING CONTRADICTIONS is available on Cdbaby and Itunes as a download only. It explores (in a roundabout way) the crazy cold war period and my trying to make sense of it as a child. the opener “IN OTHER NEWS” is a imaginary but euphoric news broadcast of the future. I hope you like it- “close your eyes and dig the vacuum”
as one beat poet put it.